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Hybridyne was founded on the simple premise that for Renewable Energy to 'come of age', the efficiency of conversion had to be improved - to give customers and investors a better payback or ROI.

Simply put, the manufacturers of Wind Turbines and PhotoVoltaic cells have done a fine job making their products as efficient as possible, BUT have not devoted equivalent effort to the conversion electronics which convert the 'Unrefined Energy' gathered into 'Usable Electricity'.  Hybridyne has stepped into the gap and designed equipment to efficiently and efficaciously convert the 'Unrefined Electricity' into 'Usable Electricity'.

We have written a  White Paper discussing The Renewable Energy System Equation  :    YN = RN *  θΣH   

This equation is the basis for designing Conversion/Inversion equipment which is capable of increasing the overall yield of Renewable Energy Systems by 30-50%.

All Hybridyne Conversion/Inversion Technology ( CIT ) equipment is designed to follow these principles and deliver the highest electricity yield in the industry.

There is currently much confusion in the industry concerning how to calculate and predict the yield of and financial efficiency Renewable Energy systems. 

We have written another White Paper which talks about how to measure and increase the yield of solar arrays. This white paper also discusses the difference between Efficiency and Efficacy as they apply to conversion equipment.