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Technical Notes

Click HERE to see a Block Diagram of a typical Hybrid Renewable Energy Installation.

NOTE - Hybridyne's calculations of Annual Yield are based on records from Natural Resources Canada and NASA.  These records predict the amount of sunshine and wind that can be expected during the average year.  While Hybridyne's Renewable Energy Systems will deliver a higher yield from the renewable energy which is available, we, of course, cannot predict what the actual weather will bring.  Thus, it is statistically possible for the wind and solar energy available during a given year to be different from the 'average' year predicted, and thus for the annual yield to be greater or less than expected.  We can guarantee the performance of our equipment, but not the weather on which it depends. 
  This is a typical " Behind the Meter " system - it consists of a number of high-efficiency ultra-quiet wind turbines, a solar array, an electrical storage system ( inside the building ) and an electronics suite to manage the flow of electricity, optimize the use of the storage batteries, control the flow of electricity to the building, and manage the purchase of any extra electricity needed so it is purchased at the lowest possible rate from the local grid.