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Wind Turbines

 What's a BTM ?
Most BTM systems include wind turbines for all the reasons that we promote HYBRID systems
  • when it's not sunny, it is usually windy
  • including more than one source of energy 'hardens' the supply - making more energy consistently available to the building
  • generating electricity from wind turbines is less expensive than generating solely from solar

Fortis wind turbines are well-engineered, and able to capture up to 15% more of the wind energy than conventional turbines. Coupled with Hybridyne's patent-pending Conversion/Inversion Technology ( CIT ), these turbines will capture about 200% of the energy available to ordinary turbines in the same wind conditions. As appropriate, Hybridyne's design solution for low wind velocity areas focuses on multiple smaller turbines (low inertia) , rather than one larger one - providing redundancy and wind energy efficiency.

It should be stressed that these turbines are NOT the huge noisy turbines designed for wind farms supplying the electrical grid - they are much smaller, lighter, and quieter.  These turbines are specifically designed for point-of-use applications and as such, they blend perfectly into a local background.

Click here to see an efficiency comparison of ordinary Wind Turbine output versus the combination of the high-efficiency Fortis Montana PLUS  Hybridyne's patent-pending Conversion/Inversion Technology ( CIT ).

Older-style 'inverters' only make use of the 'prime' wind speeds - rejecting energy which could have been collected when the wind speed is lower ( or higher ) .  Hybridyne's CIT takes full advantage of the 'shoulders', and delivers a much higher annual yield. 

Click HERE to view/print a document which uses recorded data to show how much more efficiently  a Hybridyne System converts wind power to electricity.
Click here to see an graphic representation of the relative sizes of a Hybridyne Fortis Montana wind turbine as compared to the 'wind farm' turbines we see in newspapers and on TV.
Click here to see a chart which shows how quiet the Fortis Montana wind turbine is .  You'll see that you probably wouldn't be able to get close enough to the wind turbine to hear it over the background noise in the area