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Solar Energy Collection

 What's a BTM ?
Solar Cells, or PhotoVoltaic ( PV ) cells are solid state devices which convert sunlight directly into electricity.

Most BTM systems include solar arrays for all the reasons that we promote HYBRID systems

  • when it's not windy, it is usually sunny
  • including more than one source of energy 'hardens' the supply - making more energy consistently available to the building
  • solar arrays are inobtrusive and widely acceptable to the public



You may hear something like " There's not enough Solar Energy here to make it work - we're too far North ".

Just to put solar energy into perspective :  Germany has a thriving Solar industry - between 20% and 25% of their electricity is Solar-generated - and the latitude of Berlin, Germany  is about the same as Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Click here to see an efficiency comparison of ordinary photocell output versus the result of adding  Hybridyne's patent-pending Conversion/Inversion Technology ( CIT ) manufactured by Hybridyne Power Electronics

This leading edge Control System makes PV cells so efficient that they no longer require expensive and maintenance-intensive tracking systems.   Older-style 'inverters' only make use of the 'prime' illumination times of the day - rejecting energy which could have been collected during the early and later parts of the day.  Hybridyne's CIT takes full advantage of the 'shoulders', and delivers a much higher annual yield. 

Click HERE to view/print a document which uses recorded data to show how much more efficiently  a Hybridyne System converts sunlight to electricity, and HERE to see the results of another array - comparing sunlight falling on the panels and electricity produced by the system.

Based on the state of the solar cell industry in North America at the moment , with high demand and limited supply, Hybridyne may supply PV products from some of the world's leading manufacturers, but our preference are Canadian-made panels produced by Day4 Energy.  We have been running 'in the field' tests comparing Day4 PV panels head-to-head against other leading PV panels, and we are finding that the Day4 panels are producing on the average about 13% more energy.  This efficiency, coupled with the high efficiency of our CIT, gives our customers unprecedented high electricity yields which results in a much higher return on investment.