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Power Electronics

 What's a BTM ?
The Power Electronics of a Behind the Meter system ( BTM )  takes the 'raw' energy generated by the Wind Turbines and Solar Cells and other dynamic processes and converts it into the usable electricity your installation requires.

Our patent-pending Conversion/Inversion Technology ( CIT ) will take every bit of energy available from the wind, sun, and other sources and convert it to power that is free from spikes, surges brownouts, transients, frequency deviations, blackouts, harmonic disturbance and other maladies of the regular electricity "grid" supply. 

This specialized high-efficiency electronics from Hybridyne Power Electronics allows expanded utilization of the broader wind and solar energy spectrum unique to our system.  Click here to see the difference that Hybridyne's High Efficiency Conversion/Inversion Technology ( CIT )  can make to the amount of energy you gather from Wind or Sunshine.

Each BTM also includes a UPS ( Uninterruptable Power Supply ) and Storage Management System which controls the power as it is supplied to ( and extracted from ) the Storage system. Becuase of the proprietary manner in which the storage batteries are managed, they will experience a much longer service life before replacement is required.

GE Energy electrifies the world by providing reliable, efficient products and services for the energy industry.  For the Hybridyne Power Systems Group, GE will be supplying UPS systems of all sizes.