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Energy Storage

 What's a BTM ?
Power Storage is the mechanism which enables you to only purchase energy ( if needed ) at the times of day when it is at the lowest rate. As the public Electricity suppliers struggle to keep up with demand, the energy stored within your Hybridyne System also frees you from the worries of rotating brownouts and large scale long term Blackouts. 

The usual mechanism for storage is high-capacity specialized batteries ( like those used for decades by the telecommunications companies.  They are highly reliable, cost effective, and ( because of the way our power management systems operate, will operate for many years without replacement.

One of our recent projects featured an innovation which we plan to use on every system from now on.

The battery string was equipped with North America's first automatic rewatering system.  Batteries sometimes require small amounts of water be added, and this system does that maintenance without any intervention - saving cost on maintenance and perserving the high performance of the batteries.

Our current suppliers provide a range of high-quality and effectively priced storage solutions in configurations to meet your individual needs.

Another technology which we are exploring ( and have already designed for one of our upcoming projects ) is Hydrogen.When produced from electricity generated from Renewable sources ( like our BTM ), Hydrogen is an emissions free fuel. 

Some of our customers require emergency backup for their critical systems ( first source of energy is the BTM, second is the grid, and third would be a diesel genset ).  Often, our BTM systems overgenerate ( make more electricity than can be used ), and the excess electricity can be used to make Hydrogen, which can be stored in standard tanks and used to power the Diesel generators.  This 'dual fuel' application reduces the cost ( and emissions ) of running the diesel generator when it is needed.