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Emergency Backup What's a BTM ?
One of the greatest benefits of having your own source of Electricity generated on your own site from Renewable Energy is the Energy Independence it gives you - the freedom from having to worry about spikes, brownouts, or interruptions in the 'grid'.  Most customers now use "Distributed Datacentres" which have the processing power spread out over hundreds of desktop PCs - none of which are protected by the traditional UPS which supports the centralized datacentre.  Poor quality power can destroy or immobilize these computers, leaving hundreds of employees idle and unproductive.  All of this is alleviated when you have your own source of power and what amounts to a facility-wide Uninterruptable Power Supply.

Depending on the nature of the building and equipment supported, some of our clients ALSO include an optional backup Diesel "genset" - a high efficiency, reliable diesel-engine-operated generator.

The purpose of the genset is to provide emergency power in the possible situation where the 'grid' is down for a number of days, there is no wind during that time, and the sun is always hidden by clouds.

In Ontario, there is a trial program under which such generators can be granted a contract as a "Grid Connected Standby Non-Spinning Resource" - another source of income as a byproduct of protecting your enterprise.

If the application required a back up genset as well as a Renewable Energy generator, there is another Green technology which makes good financial sense:

We have designed the following for one of our clients ( a rural municipality with a new wastewater treatment system remote from the electrical grid )

  • a completely off-the-grid renewable energy powered generating system
  • multiple wind turbines
  • multiple solar arrays
  • capable of totally supporting the load without any grid connection

This application will be the first totally renewable-energy powered municipal wastewater treatment system in ( we believe ) the world.

The Ministry of the Environment required that the water treatment system must have both a primary source of power ( in this case, our renewable energy system ), and a secondary source - a diesel generator.

To save fuel costs and reduce emissions, we have designed the following "add on".

  • excess electricity from the renewable energy system will be used to generate Hydrogen
  • the excess Hydrogen will be stored in tanks
  • if the diesel genset is required, it can be largely fueled with the Hydrogen
  • excess Hydrogen can be used to fuel the municipality's vehicles

Paramount Power Systems are manufacturers of High Quality Diesel and Dual Fuel (Nat-Gas/Diesel) Generators which can be used as Emergency Standby, Backup Power For mission critical applications.