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Ontario's Energy Shortage

According to Government sources and documents, Ontario ( dare we say the rest of Canada and the whole world ) is about to face a significant energy shortage.


Petroleum is the world's primary energy source, and the estimated decline of conventional petroleum production in the world is the red curve.

If nothing changes, the current petroleum consumption of petroleum in the US ( and even worse, the rest of the world )  will grow with the population and intercept the global production about 35 years from today.
Sources: US EIA, US Census Bureau, (Patzek, 2007).

Notice that the worldwide decrease in production starts NOW.




The following information is from the Energy Conservation and Supply Task Force (ECSTF)  report "TOUGH CHOICES : Addressing Ontario's Power Needs" , January 2004, page 23 .  The information was reprinted and annotated in the International Energy Association report entitled " Projected costs of Generating Electricity".


As you can see, the official position is that by 2005, Ontario will be using more electricity than it will be generating, and while the demand is ever-increasing, the supply will constantly decrease as Ontario's generating stations age and are closed down.



The importance to us, the consumers, is that electricity prices will dramatically increase , and as the supply dwindles, brownouts and blackouts will become more and more common.

The various governments' answer to this challenge is to offer incentives to YOU - financial incentives to generate your own electricity, and sell the surplus back to the 'grid'.