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Generating Green Energy

According to Government sources and documents, 'Green Energy" is defined as follows :


"Renewable energy sources are those that produce electricity or thermal energy without depleting resources. Renewable energy includes solar, wind, water, earth and biomass power, and energy from waste. "


"Alternative or renewable source of energy means a source of energy that produces electricity from wind, water, a biomass resource, Hydrogen, biogas, biofuel, landfill gas, an eligible fossil fuel, uranium, solar energy, geothermal energy, tidal forces or thermal waste/ "


What Green Energy means to your bottom line



If, in addition to 'peak shaving' or 'arbitrage' to use electricity at a less expensive rate, you also generate your own 'green energy', two things happen :


1 - the electricity you generate replaces energy from the 'grid' - you no longer have to purchase it

2 - the cost of the equipment which enables your peak shaving and green energy generation is eligible for Federal and Provincial programs which will pay for much of your investment.  
Click Here to access a calculator which takes into consideration the effects of Bill 100, Peak Shaving, and Green Energy as they apply to your energy costs.  
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