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Savings and Payback


We are surprised to learn that many of our clients don't clearly understand how much they are paying for electricity. 
In most jurisdictions, you contract to buy electricity for a stated rate - e.g. $.10 per KiloWattHour 
HOWEVER,  in most jurisdictions, you also pay additional charges :
  • line charges ( the cost of the electricity lost in the transmission lines as it it sent to you )

  • peak or demand charges ( you may pay a higher rate for the whole month if you have a one-time momentary surge because some large motor gets turned on )

  • delivery ( the cost of building and maintaining the generators, transmission lines, and substations )

  • debt retirement ( if the utility lost money in the past, you may still be paying  )

If you generate your own electricity, you need not pay ANY of these extra charges.

To find out what electricity is REALLY costing you :
  •  divide the TOTAL amount of the invoice by the ACTUAL consumption ( in KiloWattHours ) - you may be surprised !



As Ontario Hydro implements its "Smart Metering"  program, your energy costs will escalate dramatically. 


Ont. Legislature Bill 210 references pricing and conservation of Energy


HybridynePower will install a Turnkey Renewable Energy system which will allow you to be "off the grid" during your periods of highest (peak) and therefore, most expensive energy consumption.

Click Here to access a calculator which takes into consideration the effects of Bill 100, Peak Shaving, and Green Energy as they apply to your energy costs. 

As a result of the Canadian government's "Green Power" initiatives, you can

  • write off most or all of the capital investment

  • possibly realize a reduced Federal and Provincial tax rate on corporate profits

 Click here to check government Incentives



  • We calculate that based on energy savings alone (at today’s Electricity rates) your system would realize a 9-10 year payback.

  • The Government's Renewable Energy Incentives reduce the payback period to ~ 6-7 years

  • The increased energy rates legislated by Bill 100 reduces the payback period to 3-5 years or less.

  • More price increases are already announced, and we suspect that much higher increases are to follow.

Click HERE to display a graph showing a typical system - Investment, Rebates and Incentives, and Payback and Income.
The rates and incentives discussed here pertain to Ontario - please check to see the equivalent figures in your jursidiction.