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Intangible Benefits

Many of our clients are reporting significant "intangible" benefits from the installation of a Hybridyne Renewable Energy System.

  • producing Distributed Renewable Energy is an aid to LEED certification

  • many companies are pursuing ISO 14000 certification, and the reduced reliance on utility-supplied electricity helps in that process

  • in today's environmentally conscious world, the ability to publicize a company, group, or non-profit organization as having reduced its " carbon footprint " by hundreds of Tonnes of GreenHouse Gases per year raises the perception of that entity as a " Good Corporate Citizen ". 

  • Enforcing one's image as a "Green" entity seems to increase customer sales or donations

  • it has been suggested that facilities perceived as contributing to the decline of the environment may face penalties or sanctions in the future

  • alternatively, it has been suggested that facilities which reduce their carbon footprints may be eligible for further incentives or benefits

We often ask our prospective clients " What commitment have YOU made to reduce your carbon footprint ? "

One 'byproduct' of a Hybridyne BTM System is that you have, in effect, a large UPS for your whole enterprise which can save you from the adverse effects of poor quality power or blackouts.     

         Click here to see the expected power shortages

  • Every employee-hour costs at least $250 ( overhead, salaries,  etc ) - multiply this figure by  the number of your employees by every hour of expected blackout
  • What does an hour of blackout cost you in lost revenue ?
  • computer equipment is sensitive to, and can be damaged by, poor quality power ( brownouts, spikes, blackouts ).  How much are you likely to spend on repairs and replacements PLUS lost productive time ?
  • some production equipment CANNOT be shut down without expensive repairs ( for example, injection moulding equipment, refining, chemical processes ) .  How much does it cost to disassemble, clean, and repair such equipment after a blackout ?


By taking your enterprise "off the grid" for at least part of the day, you help ease the upcoming crisis in electricity supply
  • as a good corporate citizen, what would be the value of the publicity you garner by eliminating hundreds of tons of GreenHouse Gases, and at the same time making more grid-supplied power available for your neighbors ?