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Some Typical Installations

The following represent some typical installations - click on each to see a description of the organization, their energy consumption, and their payback period.
1 - Small installation - a  Cable TV/Internet service provider  
2 - Medium Installation - an industrial complex  
3 - Large Installation - a datacentre  
4 - A Community Energy Project  

A somewhat atypical project which we recently designed would have provided a remote Waste Water Treatment Plant with sufficient energy to keep it totally free of connection to the grid, and which would have also generated Hydrogen for use as backup and a partial fuel for vehicles.  Please read about it HERE.


It should be noted that these installations, while typical, cannot be construed as quotations or "off the shelf" systems.  Hybridyne designs each BTM installation to exactly match the characteristics of the load which is being supplied, taking into consideration factors like :

  • the load size in KiloWatts
  • the load distribution across time ( is the load 24/7 for example, or are there peak and 'off' times )
  • the type of load ( constant or high short-term demands )
  • the physical geography of the location ( which affects the balance of energy supplied by wind, sun, or other renewable sources )
  • the electrical layout of the building - substations, transformers, distribution panels and so on
For an example some of the information which is needed to define a system, please look at the "Describe your  Requirements" portion of the "Contact Us" page.  
Additionally, our payback calculations are based on tax structures, electricity pricing, and incentives for the jurisdiction with which we are most familiar - Ontario.  Obviously, your results will be driven by factors which are local to the jurisdiction in which you are located, and any expectations must take those factors into consideration.  
Therefore, while your situation may look similar to one of the installations above, and while the paybacks may be similar, we can make no representations about savings until we have analyzed YOUR situation and suggested a solution FOR YOU.