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North America's first Hybrid RE-Powered Datacentre


This solar array, plus 3 'urban' turbines takes the datacentre 'off the grid' for most of every day and provides backup power for at least 8 hours. The customer is saving on his electrical costs and keeps the vital datacentre operational at all times.

3 Urban turbines powering a datacentre.


Along with the solar array on the previous picture, these turbines provide the renewable energy to keep this datacentre operating economically and reliably.

Hybridyne Electronics in a teaching facility.


This installation at the IBEW teaching facility in Hamilton, Ontario, aids in the training of licenced electricians in the skills related to Renewable Energy systems. The system consists of a solar array, 3 different wind turbines, a storage system, and the control electronics.

Hybridye's Initial Beta Installation


This is the building in Scarboro , Ontario , at which Hybridyne's Beta site was constructed. This location has expericenced a significant reduction in electrical utility expenses, and is free from power outages .

Typical Commercial Application


In this application, the wind turbines and solar cells have all been located on the roof.

Sealed Batteries on Racks


The typical battery installation is shown - the batteries are sealed, and mounted in racks to save space.

North America's first automatically watered battery array

These high-efficiency lead acid batteries will have a long useful life for two reasons :

1 - their charge patterns are managed by our sophisticated electronics , which prevent damaging over- or under-charging and equally damaging inappopriate charge rates

2 - the automatic watering system ensures they will constantly have the correct fluid level - without human intervention

typical rooftop solar array

This array ( on the roof of PizzaPizza's headquarters ) supplies solar energy to North America's first Hybrid Renewable Energy powered datacentre.

PizzaPizza Headquarters

This building is the home of North America's first Hybrid Renewable Energy Powered Datacentre.