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Frequently Asked Questions - All


What is a 'hybrid' energy system, and what advantages do they have?

What is “distributed generation” ?

Can I just ‘plug’ a wind turbine or PhotoVoltaic cell into my building and use the electricity ?

Is it true that Distributed Generation facilities have a negative effect on property values?


How popular is wind energy?

How safe is wind energy?

Why do some wind turbines have two and some have three blades?

Do wind turbines produce electricity all of the time?

Are turbines a threat to birds ?

Are Wind Turbines Noisy ?

Do Wind turbines “throw” chunks of ice in winter ?

Why is wind-generated electricity called "green" power ?

Photo-Voltaic Panels

What are Photo-Voltaic Panels ?

Do Photo-Voltaic Panels gather electricity constantly ?

Are all Photo-Voltaic Panels the same ?


Why is efficiency important ?

Is Renewable Energy efficient ?


Are Alternative Energy Sources recommended for private homes ?

What is “ payback period “ ?

What is the payback period for commercial or industrial buildings ?

Do the systems have to be purchased ? or can they be leased ?

What about investors ?

Can I sell the electricity back to the OPA under a FIT contract